Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome to 2010

Welcome, 2010!

I've never been more excited for what's ahead of me in a single year... especially after a very crazy 2009. Too bad it won't look like the 1950's version of 2010 above, but I'm looking forward to the year ahead none the less!

Perhaps I should provide a brief recap of 2009:

~ I moved to NYC the day after Christmas
~ Within 2 weeks of being in NYC, an exhausting relationship ended with a "wrong fit" guy
~ I started a new job
~ 7 months later I stopped my new job when the company went under
~ I fell in love with New York City
~ I met and fell in love with Bryan, my boyfriend
~ I was offered a job in San Francisco
~ I turned down a job in San Francisco
~ I moved to DC
~ I started this Blog
~ I made and reconnected with amazing friends along the way

So while I can say 2009 was a year that changed my life beyond belief, I'm excited to continue building on the life I've started in DC and plant some real roots.

2010... I'm ready for you!

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Ebony said...

That is a very busy 2009. A lot of ups & downs..
Hope 2010 is nothing but good things for you :)