Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Wedding... Shoes

I thought I would start sharing my wedding with you by talking about the basics... shoes. Seems like an easy place to start, right?

I decided to surprise Bryan with a pair of bespoke Stubbs & Wootton tuxedo slippers. He has an awesome fashion sense, so I knew he would totally appreciate this gift. Working with the incredibly talented artist who designed our wedding invitation suite, Happy Menocal, we modified our crest to work on the shoes. The result was fantastic!

My point of contact at Stubbs & Wootton was super helpful. Randomly, I knew him from growing up... making the process even easier. If you have a high-styling significant other, this is a great gift. Bryan has already worn these puppies again... and he loves the special memories associated with them.

When it came to my footwear, it was a bit of a different story. A few years ago, I suffered a severe sports injury (fully torn Achilles tendon) while playing squash. To say it sucked would be an understatement... but I will leave that for another post.

As a result, I can only wear slingback shoes. And with a February wedding, open-back shoes were like finding a needle in a haystack. If one more sales person at Neimans or Saks or Nordstroms or (insert shoe store here) tried to sell me crazy-ass Louboutin's, I was ready to stick the heel in their ear. The process was draining and I was afraid that I would be walking down the aisle in flip-flops.

But then, magic happened... at the place where magic always happens... T.J. Maxx. I found Vera Wang kitten heel sling backs, with embellishments, that were perfect for my dress. It was a wedding miracle! My advice to all brides out there is to shop everywhere, especially your go-to designer discount spots with loads of inventory.

I had it in my head that I needed a "shoe experience" where I was sipping champagne in a salon filled with shoes that felt like Birkenstocks but looked like sex. I was out of touch and set myself up for Neiman's Rage. But all is well that ends well and I danced the night away at 70% off!

All of my wedding photos were taken by the amazingly talented Tec Petaja.

Prippy Dream Home... Photo Galleries

Red picture frames make for one hell of an interesting hallway.

I've always loved photo galleries in homes. Being a blogger, and therefore one step away from a creepy character out of "Rear Window," I love catching glimpses into other people's lives.

I love the dining room at the Dunmore Beach Club's (on Harbour Island, Bahamas) take on gallery walls. We spent a lot of time at this beautiful hotel during our honeymoon... and I took away some great design ideas and cocktail recipes!

You can follow my Prippy Dream Home Board on Pinterest for more.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Reality Royalty... Big Ang and Rosie

These two ladies make life worth living. I think Big Ang and Rosie should join forces for a very special cross-over episode of Mob Wives and RHONJ.

If any of you TV execs are reading this... you're welcome... the show will be a hit.

Happy Birthday, Deanna...

My dear friend Deanna, from Silly Goose Farm, is celebrating a very special birthday today. This woman is one of the most beautiful, honest, smartest, cleverest, and most dynamic people I've had the tremendous good fortune of having in my life.

So... here is my birthday wish...

There is a mountain to climb, and my wish is that you get to the top quickly and enjoy the view of a wonderful new horizon.

Your bravery in chasing your dreams inspires me and I know your goals will become a reality. Happy Birthday, Gorgeous!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Wedding Cake... Fave Cake Ever

Wedding cakes can be a tricky business. For our wedding, taste mattered the most.

After having a blast sampling all of the crazy good cakes from Momofuko Milk Bar in NYC, we settled on their pretzel cake with honey beer ganache and chocolate chip cake with coffee cream and passion fruit curd. The result was unreal! SO good. Seriously so good. Trust me!

To dress up the cake a bit (I had a brief moment of wedding worry that it didn't look fancy!), I added a vintage cake topper I found at a thrift shop outside of Boulder, CO. I loved the way it looked... and even more so, the way it tasted!

Prippy Viewing... Dark Shadows

Is anyone else ridiculously excited for Tim Burton's remake of "Dark Shadows" starring Johnny Depp and my fave Bond girl, Eva Green?

Definitely looks like a stylish film that will make you laugh. Finally, a vampire flick I can get behind!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dolly Lama...

"Storms make trees take deeper roots." - Dolly Parton

Delicious, Delicious... Neopol Salmon Pie

If you're in the D.C. or Baltimore area, run (don't walk) to buy a piece of Neopol Savory Smokery Salmon Pie. Their amazing products are on my list every Saturday when I shop for groceries in my hood at Eastern Market on Capitol Hill. I swear to you, it is one of the best things you'll ever eat!

Loaded with homemade smoked salmon, herb-filled pie crust, cheesey goodness, onions, zucchini, and apples, this has quickly become one of my favorite things.

Ode to My Husby...

I love my husband all of the time... but he recently has overwhelmed me with the amazing way he is taking care of me while I'm recovering from surgery on my busted leg. I need a LOT of help with simple things (I can't even make a cup of tea or take a shower without it being a team effort).

Each morning, this sweet man wakes up early, takes care of our 2 pups, and then packs me a cooler with food for the day and leaves it by my "command center." He never makes me feel guilty for how much work it is to take care of me - he just makes me feel loved.

In our first months of marriage, he has really shown me what it means to be a partner in good times and bad. I have been a handful... a bit of a messy poo, to be honest. And he has been simply amazing.

So, just a little love note to the sweetest and strongest man I know... love you!

High Style Prippy Tot...

While this is a nursery, I'd happily move into this gorgeous space tomorrow. I love it from top to bottom! The designing mom's style is perfect - check out more at her blog, CandyShopVintage.

What I don't love is hearing about all of the hub-bub it created when people thought it wasn't appropriate for a little one's first room. To each their own, no? Check out more on Little Green Notebook.

I, for one, will keep this image in my "someday" file.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Pup...

Because he is such a good lookin' lil stud dog, I thought I would brighten your day with a pic of Scrapple.

Domino... Is That You

Like many ladies I know, my excitement for the new Domino magazine was a bit crazy. And since I can't walk (thanks, broken leg!), my sweet Husby picked up the limited edition for me at the grocery store.

With baited breath I opened up my old friend, only to realize that things have changed. Domino has changed. And the wonderful world of design blogs, online mags, and Pinterest has made for a brave new world for old Domino. But this wasn't even a dumpy issue of old Domino (the backyard edition, anyone?)... this was generic crap. For real.

After fielding Bryan's questions as to why the magazine cost $12, I started asking myself the same question. Wha happened?

The content wasn't new or exciting. It was crap. There were no homes featured that caused me to grab my scissors (yes... I do still have my Domino folder) and there wasn't a whole lot I hadn't seen before. Crap. Crap. Crap.

Like my Senior Prom date, I will always remember Domino fondly and think of it as being super awesome, when in actuality it has now become lame and a bit of a d-bag. Next time you're on the news stand, Domino, I will definitely read you before I buy you. Trick me once...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Where to Begin...

It is so hard to figure out where to start blogging again after so much (too much) time away.

So... here it goes.

As I mentioned way back when, I started a new job in October at a PR firm that has been totally rewarding, but also very consuming. After working my tail off for my first few months (and planning a wedding, getting married, etc... I'll get to that!), I finally hit my stride with work life balance about a month or so ago and things are going well.

In February, I married my favorite man on the planet in New York City with our close friends and family there to celebrate. It was an amazing moment in my life. I loved it. But nothing compares to how wonderful being married is... and now the wedding is just this absolutely crazy fabulous memory. MUCH more on that, promise.

Then, just when life seemed to be falling into a perfect rythem, I had an injury. After a fun date night with the Husby at the driving range, I tripped getting my golf clubs out of the trunk in a dark parking lot and broke my leg. Life is funny that way... just when you think you've found your groove you're reminded that there are no typical days.

So, I am off my feet for the next few weeks recovering and the silver lining is being able to get back to my poor, neglected blog. I have a lot to share... it has been a busy few months!

P.S. I fell into the Black Hole that is Pinterest. Check me out.