Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Domino... Is That You

Like many ladies I know, my excitement for the new Domino magazine was a bit crazy. And since I can't walk (thanks, broken leg!), my sweet Husby picked up the limited edition for me at the grocery store.

With baited breath I opened up my old friend, only to realize that things have changed. Domino has changed. And the wonderful world of design blogs, online mags, and Pinterest has made for a brave new world for old Domino. But this wasn't even a dumpy issue of old Domino (the backyard edition, anyone?)... this was generic crap. For real.

After fielding Bryan's questions as to why the magazine cost $12, I started asking myself the same question. Wha happened?

The content wasn't new or exciting. It was crap. There were no homes featured that caused me to grab my scissors (yes... I do still have my Domino folder) and there wasn't a whole lot I hadn't seen before. Crap. Crap. Crap.

Like my Senior Prom date, I will always remember Domino fondly and think of it as being super awesome, when in actuality it has now become lame and a bit of a d-bag. Next time you're on the news stand, Domino, I will definitely read you before I buy you. Trick me once...

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