Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween Weekend...

What do you have planned for Halloween Weekend? I'm headed to parties all weekend... DC is really busy this time of year (Elections + Halloween = Parties)!

Scrapple will be dressing as... you guessed it! Scrapple!

And I laughed so hard when I saw New York Magazine's slide show of "Dogs Looking Depressed in Their Halloween Costumes." So Hilarious.

I hope you guys have an amazing time and I would love to hear about your adventures!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Prippy Wardrobe... Jules Reid

This Jules Reid dress is pretty perfect for winter in Palm Beach.

I can totally imagine wearing it at The Breakers and sipping on a Side Car.

Thanks to Coco & Kelly for bringing it to my attention!

Shipping Off to Ireland...

In just about 2 weeks, I'm shipping off to Ireland!

Bry's birthday just so happens to be a week before mine, so we take a trip to celebrate growing wiser (and older) each year... and this year we're hitting up the Emerald Isle!

We will have a car and be driving mostly north after spending time in Dublin, and I would LOVE any recommendations you may have for me!

Oh... and I also love Black 47's song "Funky Céilí"... I remember buying the CD in high school and playing it constantly.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Prippy Halloween... Coo Coo Ca-Choo

Mrs. Robinson and Ben Braddock might be my favorite couples costume.

Great style on Halloween is never a bad thing!

Scrapple in the City

This weekend, it was cool enough for Scrapple to rock his Kate Spade "Bad to the Bone" sweater during our Saturday trip to Eastern Market, a weekly farmer's market in our Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Scrapple wasn't sure what to make of this bronze bulldog statue...

But rust tasted good in his world, so he considered it friend rather than foe.

Then he encountered Kingsley, a bulldog of the non-statue variety... and got his wrestle on...

But the real bulldog battle left Scrapple a bit tuckered out and he was ready to head home for a nap.

All in all, an excellent Saturday was had by all.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Prippy Handbook

A year ago today, I started this blog... Happy Birthday, Prippy Handbook!

Never in a million years did I realize how many wonderful people I would meet and the friendships that would blossom. It seriously makes my day to have this outlet... here's to many more years, and thank you for making this such an amazing experience!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In My Library... Vintage Cocktails

Assouline makes such beautiful books... and Vintage Cocktails is certainly no exception!

Everything about this book is appealing, including the awesome handwritten recipes, gorgeous photography, and approachable classic drinks.

Plus, I think the photos were taken at one of my all time favorite spots, Bemelmans Bar.

Chin chin!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Capping It Off...

I kind of think you either are a Hat Gal, or you're not... and I'm definitely one!

Right now, I'm on the hunt for a leather hat, a la Kate Middleton's (she's a definite Hat Gal!), and think I've found a pretty good match thanks to Orvis.

Are you a Hat Gal or Guy?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Prippy of Influence... Peggy Guggenheim

I've got a quick response every time the question of "name 3 people, living or dead, you would have to dinner" comes up, and Peggy Guggenheim is definitely one of them!

After finding her biography cover, Art Love: A Biography of Peggy Guggenheim interesting while on a trip to the Hirshhorn Museum in college, I bought it and was captivated by every single page.

Her incredible life, impeccable taste, and volatile personality make her a fascinating woman. The history surrounding her collection, and her love life, are full of unbelievable events.

During WWII, she played a pivotal role in helping artists escape Nazi occupied Europe, and she worked tirelessly to smuggle works of art out of the country. And although she often displayed acts of bravery, selfishness was never absent. She was a divisive personality, to say the least, but truly one of a kind.

Peggy's bold and brave taste has definitely influenced my own, and her life story is one I keep coming back to over and over again.

Plus, gotta love her shades!

Well Branded... Beemans and Black Jack

I love Beemans and Black Jack logos and packaging... so classic!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Prippy Wardrobe... Stubbs and Wooten

Now, having been raised a prep, I've long been familiar with Stubbs and Wooten.

There were always those fathers at the Father Daughter Dance that would sport them at the Club, friends who rocked them at prom, and then college buddies who wore them with pride. Even though the company has only been around since 1993 (not long in prep years), they've become a classic.

Which brings me to a recent article I was sent by a Prippy college buddy... telling the story of Kanye West's obsession with the shoes... and how this led to him hiring a Yale student to be his stylist/entourage member. Pretty hilarious, don't you think?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Friday...

Finally, the weekend is here!

I hope you guys have fabulous plans doing fall festive things (pumpkin patch, apple picking, Ocktoberfest beer drinking).

My plans include all of the above and lots of relaxing after feeling a bit under the weather this week... and of course, taking Scrapple for lots of walks around Capitol Hill.

I wanted to thank all of you for reading. Recently, more people have been discovering the Prippy tribe, and I'm delighted. So, a big thank you on this Friday!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Prippy Halloween... The Royal Tenenbaums

Most Prippys, at some point in time, have dressed (or thought of dressing) like The Royal Tenenbaums for Halloween.

The Ronson's are no exception in this fantastic shot for Harper's Bazaar.

Prippy Classic.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bowie Wit and Wisdom... Kermit Under Pressure

This video was done by professional puppeteer, Sky Soleil, to raise awareness for the homeless men, women, and children he was seeing in his Long Beach, California neighborhood, and around the country.

Well, Prippys love a good cause... and David Bowie... and Kermit, so clearly I had to share this with all of you! Plus, I love the creative and positive way that he is bringing attention to this important issue.

New York Magazine did a great article about him, and he encourages folks to go to the wonderful site, Squidoo, to learn about ways to help.

Statement Jewelry... Polly Wales

To say that I'm obsessed with Polly Wales rings would be an understatement...

The organic fabulousness of these rings fascinates me, and I've been staring longingly at these photos of her pieces.

I love the red and white sapphire rings, although the rough cut diamonds are also stunning.

It would be tough to pick a favorite, don't you think?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Prippy of Influence... Lee Miller

Photographed by Man Ray, Paris ca. 1930 [Source: NYT]

I wrote this post a while back, but thought it was well worth sharing again...

Lee Miller is one of the most fascinating women in history, yet one of the most unknown among my generation. Her boldness, bravery and brains almost distract you from her incredible beauty... I said almost!

Lee's first experience with cameras came at an early age, as a fashion model in New York City during the 1920's. Even though she was one of the most sought after models, her ambition was truly behind the camera.

She moved to Paris, apprenticed with Man Ray,became his muse and took some very famous shots that were accredited to him. Amazing! She bounced back to New York, where she met and married an Egyptian business man before moving together to Cairo... never a dull moment.

But it was really in 1937, when she returned to Europe, that her legacy would begin. Lee fell in love with surrealist painter, Roland Penrose, and was living in England while World War II was raging around her. Rather than giving into her family's pleas for a return to America, she stayed and became a photojournalist capturing the war for Vogue.

Lee Miller photographed women in fire masks in wartime London in 1944. [Source: Telegraph/Lee Miller Archives]

Her photos are haunting, and reflect a feminine sensibility to the violence. In my opinion, her most powerful photo is an image of a Nazi Lieutenant's daughter who committed suicide by drinking poison as allied troops were closing in. Definitely click on the link to see it for yourself...

Here she is posing in Hitler's bathtub... can you even imagine? Thinking about it gives me the chills.

After the war, she battled post-traumatic stress syndrome, returned to England and enveloped herself in the artistic community. I love her story, her great talent, and her passion. She is a true American Beauty.

Prippy Boozing... Kraken Spiced Rum

This weekend, we had cause to pull out the flask and fill it with something delicious. Prippys love their hard liquor.

So after some debate, Bry and I agreed to try something new that was recommended to us by our fabulous booze aficionado at Schneider's (a must for Capitol Hillers), and to my delight, we purchased the best branded alcohol I've seen... Kraken Spiced Rum.

Now, I like my Dark and Stormy's as much as the next girl... but drinking pure rum is something that made me squirm at first. Then I tasted the rich rum and fell in love. It was the perfect way to stay warm on the brisk fall evening. A perfect flask filler.

P.S. - Smathers & Branson makes amazing flasks, like our Jolly Rodger!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Prippy Wish List... Tory Tricycle

Every Prippy needs a good bike... especially when it has been designed by a Prippy of Influence, Tory Burch!

The Neiman Marcus Tory Burch Family Chariot Electric Tricycle is now the first thing on my Christmas list. And yes... I'm thinking about Christmas before Halloween. Blame Neimans!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Prippy Viewing... The Addams Family

"And our credo: "Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc." We gladly feast on those who would subdue us. Not just pretty words." - Morticia Addams

I think "The Addams Family" might be one of the best movies to watch in October as Halloween approaches.

Beyond funny... and Anjelica Huston's "Morticia" is perfection, and Raul Julia is brilliant as her "Gomez."

Prippy Must... Weekender Bag

I think I just might need a new weekend bag for upcoming trips...

Now the question is L.L. Bean or Pendelton...

Both are Prippy classics, so you really can't go wrong, but I would love to hear your thoughts.

Putting Your Stamp On It...

How amazing would a custom silhouette rubber stamp be? My imagination is already reeling with ideas of how I could use these!

God bless Etsy for providing talented folks to make this happen for me, like modernartstamps.

Besides, I think Scrapple's silhouette on a stamp would be oh so useful...