Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween Weekend...

What do you have planned for Halloween Weekend? I'm headed to parties all weekend... DC is really busy this time of year (Elections + Halloween = Parties)!

Scrapple will be dressing as... you guessed it! Scrapple!

And I laughed so hard when I saw New York Magazine's slide show of "Dogs Looking Depressed in Their Halloween Costumes." So Hilarious.

I hope you guys have an amazing time and I would love to hear about your adventures!


Style Maniac said...


We have a great tradition on my city block. My neighbors, who also run a theater company, put on a Halloween Show in the former hat shop window of their Victorian townhouse. Over 300 children come to laugh and scream every year. The theme's always based on a classic--we've done Psycho, Van Helsing, The Birds, The Mummy, JAWS and more. A cast and crew of about a dozen put on on numerous shows a night and my 6" 5" husband is always the monster, I handle cocktails. Good stuff.

Prippy Handbook said...

I hope you guys had the best time - it sounds fabulous.

I have friends who do something kind of similar and it is always a neighborhood MUST for the kids... and the adults!

Navy Bean said...

You absolutely must post pics of Scrapple being scrapple! Hope you had a great Halloween!