Monday, October 18, 2010

Prippy of Influence... Peggy Guggenheim

I've got a quick response every time the question of "name 3 people, living or dead, you would have to dinner" comes up, and Peggy Guggenheim is definitely one of them!

After finding her biography cover, Art Love: A Biography of Peggy Guggenheim interesting while on a trip to the Hirshhorn Museum in college, I bought it and was captivated by every single page.

Her incredible life, impeccable taste, and volatile personality make her a fascinating woman. The history surrounding her collection, and her love life, are full of unbelievable events.

During WWII, she played a pivotal role in helping artists escape Nazi occupied Europe, and she worked tirelessly to smuggle works of art out of the country. And although she often displayed acts of bravery, selfishness was never absent. She was a divisive personality, to say the least, but truly one of a kind.

Peggy's bold and brave taste has definitely influenced my own, and her life story is one I keep coming back to over and over again.

Plus, gotta love her shades!


Starfish & Sundresses said...

Thanks for the introduction. Now I want to pick up her book!

Giulia said...

Ah, Peggy. Well,I don't know about having her over for dinner (though everyone's personal list is just that--just don't invite that brute Pollock at the same time).

What I'd say to anyone who asks about her is - don't forget her collection in Venice, also her life there.


PS: Yes, of course the shades are the best. Convinced that Elton J. was influenced by her as well.

Allison said...

I love Peggy! If you're ever in Venice, Italy, you can visit the Guggenheim Museum, housed in Peggy's home and comprised of her personal collection of art. It's one of the most memorable museums I've visited!

Prippy Handbook said...

Her home in Venice is like a spirtual experience. I got lost in there for an entire day. I was the first in line and the last to leave!

Love that you love it, Allison!

Giulia - Pollock and Ernst wouldn't make this cut... I'd have to save them for another night. Although, I do think Peggy and David Bowie would get along!

Whitney said...

Have to hand it to her - the gal's got style! I wonder how much those sunglasses could be auctioned for nowadays!