Thursday, January 28, 2010

Object of Prippy Desire

Hermes can do no wrong. Like their scarfs, these bracelets are mini works of wearable art. So beautiful and so timeless!


Abby said...

Beautiful, timeless, and can be worn with EVERYTHING. It was my favorite Christmas present this year :)

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

I've wanted one of these for ages! Maybe someday when I'm a billionaire...sigh. Dream big, right?
XX Kate

CashmereLibrarian said...

You will get no argument from me on this!

Prippy Handbook said...

Glad we all agree!

I drool when looking on the Hermes site - each pattern is more beautiful than the next. It's definitely on my gift wish list!

Abby - so happy he has great taste!

Kate - fingers crossed billionaire status is right around the corner

CashmereLibrarian - I absolutely love your name... thanks for stopping by!