Monday, January 25, 2010

Prippy of Influence... Wes Anderson

If you're talking to any Prippy, and want to get into a heated discussion... forget religion and politics - just name which movie is the greatest Wes Anderson film and get ready for the show!

Wes Anderson's aesthetic has been adored by Prippys since his second big film, "Rushmore." With "The Royal Tenenbaums," he was able to create a cult following of Prippys and Pripsters the world over. His characters are familiar and relatable in an odd way.

Prippys diverge, and debate heats up, when discussing "The Life Aquatic." Personally, this film is my favorite. Perhaps it's the Bowie-laden soundtrack, or the deep burning desire to be on Team Zissou... I've got my reasons and other Prippys love to debate them!

I also love "The Darjeeling Limited" - especially the brilliant soundtrack. Prippys LOVE India, so perhaps that played a part. Every Wes Anderson soundtrack is pretty much phenomenal, and there are entire blogs dedicated to the music... not to mention the movies!

Yesterday afternoon, Bryan and I finally got around to seeing his most recent work, "The Fantastic Mr. Fox." Simply put, it was AMAZING! I loved the book as a kid, and the Anderson-saturated film brought it to life perfectly.

So whether Prippys are looking for Halloween costume ideas or to have a long debate over some Pimms Cups... Wes Anderson will be in our hearts and minds. He is a Prippy icon.

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