Monday, December 21, 2009

Wonderful Winter Weekend

What a magical weekend... thank you 18 inches of snow! The last time we had this much snow it was 1922!

On Friday night, we went to The Nutcracker with a group of young supporters of the D.C. ballet known as the Jete Society. It was actually fun! After the performance, we grabbed cocktails at the timeless Willard Hotel's Round Robin Bar before heading to the Jete Society reception. As we headed to the party, the snow was already falling, and it started to feel like Christmas!

We woke up Saturday to lots and lots of snow... and it wouldn't quit! Bryan ran to the grocery store and stocked up on hot chocolate fixings and brunch materials. He also picked up my favorite pink prosecco to celebrate the season! After watching the dog bounce around in the snow, we headed over to a friends' apartment to celebrate a birthday.

When we arrived, with Bella the dog in tow, we were treated to nice red wine to toast the birthday girl (that they picked up the day they were engaged - love the idea!) and hearty beef stew that had been cooking all day. Delicious, delicious!

After dinner, we settled into a game that came to dominate our weekend... Salad Bowl. Now I'm sure this game goes by many names, but basically each person writes down 10 names on 10 little pieces of paper and throws them into a bowl. You and your partner take turns making each other guess the name pulled out of the bowl. It becomes hilarious!

After braving the elements to meet friends for brunch at Matchbox (a super tasty place on Capitol Hill) on Sunday, we decided to see how Salad Bowl would go with a bigger group. Let's just say, hilarity ensued! Who knew it would be so hard to get someone to say "Bing Crosby"!

It was a wonderful weekend spent with amazing friends. All of the laughing and childish fun reminded me of what the holidays are all about - simple pleasures with the people you love!


Katherine Long said...

Totally have played that game! But we do not call it Salad Bowl- I forget- something clever though like "Names in a Bucket". I want to see pictures of Bella!

Prippy Handbook said...

Hi Katherine~
Hope you enjoyed the snow up in NYC! I'll post the beautiful Bella - she is the cutest! Watching her is the snow was adorable. She kept trying to eat it by burying her nose in snow banks... too cute!