Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh to Be Like... Julianne Moore

I remember the first time I took notice of Julianne Moore. It was back in 1998, when I saw "Boogie Nights," and one of my fave movies, "The Big Lebowski" in the same weekend!

Her talent blew me away, but it was over the coming years that her style also won me over. From simple elegance on the red carpet, to an effortless casual look when photographed around town... Julianne always looks gorgeous! In my mind, we would hit it off famously if we met!

In the Domino article (so sad - RIP Domino!) where she decorates an apartment, she was more real and creative than celebrities who are plastered on magazines. I love her style in the home and on the street! She is a real woman who happens to have tremendous talent.

Can't wait to check her out next in Tom Ford's upcoming film, "A Single Man."

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