Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Drawing a Line... Black Liquid Liner Glamour

Photo from Cosmo Girl

Since I chopped 8 inches off my hair (I swear pics will be up soon!), I've felt like a whole new world of style has opened up to me, and I channel Hitchcock Blondes and French sex pots whenever I get ready to go out.

This has meant mastering black liquid liner... no small feat!

Blinc products are my newfound faves, and they make an excellent liquid liner as well as awesome mascara. With it being the holiday season, I've been pairing it with red lipstick for a festive look. I've got a feeling this look will outlast the season - it is too chic!


You Are My Fave said...

I love the glamour of the first look. Maybe I'll give it a try for a holiday party.

Andersons in Benin said...

8 inches!! You must send pics. :)