Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Prippy Gift Guide... For the One You Love

Since my boyfriend probably won't be reading this before our early Christmas dinner (he claims he reads my blog... I'm not so sure!), I'm going to spill the beans on perhaps one of the greatest gifts I've ever given...

Here's some background info... Bryan's a real Renaissance man, meaning he'll watch his Redskins play before suggesting we hit up the new Man Ray and Africa exhibit at the Phillips Collection. It's what made me fall in love with him.

While I was living in NYC and he was in DC, we would talk for hours on the phone and I can remember the conversation that made me really think I had met my match. He described being a part of an art installation at the Hirshhorn Museum and how it was one of the most amazing things he had ever done. It melted my heart and changed the way I viewed him.

So, for his Christmas gift I made a donation to the Hirshhorn in his name that enables him to attend cool events throughout the year (and... helps the museum!). I know he will love it, and I'm so happy to help him continue his passion for the arts in some way.

What gift made you feel like a Gifting All Star?

UPDATE ~ He did indeed love it!