Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Prippy Gift Guide... Cowboy Boots

Once upon a time, I owned a pair of black leather cowboy boots. My dad let me pick them out on a trip to Nashville. I loved them!

It has been a while since I could squeeze my feet into my boots from the 4th grade, and I'm ready to get my next pair. Since Christmas is a' coming, I figured they would be a perfect present to ask for from Santa (or my boyfriend). I'm hoping they're under my tree so I can rock them with dresses and skirts come spring!

Loving this pair from Ariat!


Lisa said...

Thank you for putting a word to my two personalities (hippy chick and prep) . . . I'm an old bat prippy (in my 40s and trying to be as fabulous as a Babe Paley, Coco Chanel or Joan Baez) and I LOVES me my red cowboy boots!!!

I recently got an off-the-chain cool pair in green on eBay, which is a GREAT place to find excellent cowboy boots, if you haven't tried there!

Thanks again, and I'm jazzed that I bumbled across your blog!

Prippy Handbook said...

Thanks for the fantastic comment! Glad you find me and hope you keep reading!

By the way... I ended up getting cowboy boots for Christmas - a Prippy MUST!