Friday, November 27, 2009

Where Would You Dine on Your Last Night in Town

Wonderful friends of mine leave for Benin (in Africa!) tomorrow, to start an exciting adventure with careers in the Foreign Service. They just married in October, and I'm thrilled for stories about their new life abroad!

For their last night in DC, we are heading to the Old Ebbitt for oysters and well wishes. It got me thinking - where would I go for my last DC meal?

I'd probably start with The Tombs in Georgetown, where I spent so many nights in college drinking pitchers of beer by the fireplace.

Following it up with a drink at Off the Record, where so many work victories (and losses) were toasted with classic cocktails.

Then, my night would end in my neighborhood, Capitol Hill, with beers and jukebox tunes at the Capitol Lounge and the Tune Inn.

Where would you head for your last meal in your town?

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