Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Love You, New Orleans... Music

Our New Orleans trip involved few planned agendas, and lots of bouncing from place to place based on recommendations from bartenders, bar patrons, oyster shuckers, cabbies, and friends. Thankfully, this led us to the Spellcaster Lodge (yep, that's it above) to see King Khan, Those Darlins, and Quintron and Miss Pussycat.

We went down the rabbit hole, and found ourselves in a basement bar that makes you feel like you've been swallowed by a Mardi Gras float. Check it out for yourself.

The first band we heard was the fabulously amazing Those Darlins. I've long loved rocky/country/bluegrassy/punky music (think Kings of Leon's first album), and hearing Those Darlins immediately put a smile on my face. They're adorable, while throwing out a ferocious charging energy! They'll be in DC early next year - definitely will let you know when and where!

Next up was King Khan and the BBQ Show. Folks around town LOVE these guys, and I totally get why... they're a great live show. Definitely worth checking out...

Finally, there was Quintron and Miss Pussycat. Wow. Seriously, tough to describe this act other than saying pull up some YouTube clips. Miss Pussy is a puppeteer, so I immediately loved her! Quintron (inventor of the Drum Buddy) has a fantastic stage presence, drawing you into the crazy experience.

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