Thursday, October 22, 2009

A little bad girl style...

Since fall has finally hit, I haven't been able to get motorcycles out of my mind! Even though I've never been on one (a goal for my 30th birthday!), I'm aching to hop on a bike and cruise country roads. Think Naomi Watts riding around in "Eastern Promises." With motorcycle jackets once again dominating fashion magazines, it's clear I'm not the only one with bikes on the brain.

Around this time last year, I made the great purchase of a Barbour women's motorcycle jacket, and can't rave about it enough! It cinches perfectly at the waste, the wax clothe is instant vintage chic, and the quality matches Barbour's reputation for timeless sturdy goods. The only thing - it keeps me too warm on these sunny fall days! In any case, check out the Barbour jacket as a classic Prippy alternative to the black leather "bad girl" jacket.

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Truman Tales said...

Great jacket! Love the collar, quilting, and belted waist. You'll wear it for many years to come. You're right, brown leather motorcycle jackets are more wearable than the black, "tough" leather jackets -- you can wear them with everything!