Sunday, October 25, 2009

The DC Champ... of Can Beers

I have to confess... I love dive bars and canned beer! Love. But in DC, great bars are not easy to find, and reasonably priced cans of beers are even harder. On Saturday, I headed out to hear a friend's bluegrass band play on H Street, a very "up and coming" going out destination. To be honest, if you're not from DC be prepared to feel like the cab driver took you to the wrong part of town. While many of the most creative and fun spots are in this area, the surroundings don't really suggest that's the case. In the heart of H Street, you'll find The Pug.

The Pug might not grab your attention at first glance, but definitely stop in! There is a great boxing theme to the bar, with decor that is warm and inviting. The service is awesome - with bartenders that are attentive and no-nonsense. With no jukebox, the bartenders play what they want and it turns out to be what you want... a perfect blend of classics and great emerging bands. Now here comes the best part, an ample selection of canned beers you probably forgot existed when you left college (or hell, high school!). There are no inflated PBR prices, and your can of beer is perfectly paired with complimentary cheese balls. Overall, this place is great! Visit it or revisit it - and remember what a solid bar is all about!

The Pug | 1234 H St., NE | 202-388-8554

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