Monday, May 14, 2012

Stir Crazy... And the Healing Power of Pups

Yep... that's my busted leg. On the right, people! Scrapple is on the left.

Or more specifically, my busted ankle. I dislocated it... broke my fibula... tore some ligaments... and got what the Doc calls "hardware," a.k.a. a titanium plate accompanied with a big ol' scar up the side of my leg.

No fun, my friends. No fun. But I'm incredibly grateful for my otherwise good health. There's a reason that "Health" comes before "Wealth" when raising a glass to "Health, Wealth, and Happiness!"

I've been stuck in my house recovering and following the Doc's strict orders to rest, keep all weight off it, and keep my leg propped up.

Needless to say, after weeks of healing, and with weeks left to go... I'm stir crazy. Like I've seen almost every episode of "Law & Order" crazy. Help!

Thankfully, our two dogs, Bella and Scrapple, have been awesome little nurses.

They are hyper aware that something is wrong with my leg, and they guard it like it's their favorite bone (I'm funny, get it? Bone? Happy Monday!). Too cute. A wee bit weird. And at times very funny (like when they follow me to the ladies room... no privacy for the injured).

There is definitely a healing power to pets.

On a related note, our beloved Bella is a pit bull mix rescue dog that Bry has loved way before he met and loved me. She is the sweetest and smartest pup - don't believe the hype... pits make great pets!

Here's a wonderful post on pit bulls' history as "Nanny Dogs" from The Southern Eclectic. Definitely worth the read.


Belle on Heels said...

Precious!! We have one rescue, a Redbone coonhound mix, and we want to adopt another one. Pit mixes are high on our list since they have such a bad rep. They really are the sweetest dogs!!

Prippy Handbook said...

Oooooooooooo! So excited to hear about your possible future pup. Your dog sound like a cutie, and I'm sure it will love another dog for company.

Glitterista said...

Sending you happy healing thoughts! :)