Friday, May 25, 2012

Pin Prick... Here's To Summertime

I hope that you have some wonderful plans for the holiday weekend.

Bry is carting me and my crutches to Stone Harbor, NJ for the weekend to spend some time with my family. Sitting outside recuperating on our deck and looking at the ocean sounds pretty amazing, and I see some evening Trivial Pursuit in my future.

Anytime I play Trivial Pursuit I think of Suzanne Sugarbaker, on Designing Women, memorizing all of the cards to win. Hilarious... and I think I just dated myself as a full-fledged child of the 80's!

Here's my fave Pin from the week. I'd like to spend some time this summer chilling on that houseboat and hanging with that bohemian fashion plate. Care to join?


About Last Weekend said...

That's something I could use this weekends to do. Love trivia. I wish i was on that houseboat doing it though...

KSB said...

Have a wonderful weekend - say hi to my beloved SH for me :)

Heba said...

hope you had a great weekend :)

Style Maniac said...

That is some houseboat!

Hope your stay in Stone Harbor was magical (despite the traffic getting there). Rest and recuperation by the beach is the best thing for the body (and soul) I think.

Prippy Handbook said...

I hope YOU all had a great weekend!

The highlight of my weekend was the farm fresh asparagus on the grill... for sure.

But man... the traffic! It was all worth it in the end, but lordy lou.