Monday, May 14, 2012

The Lost Art of Honesty...

"Honesty: the best of all the lost arts" ~ Mark Twain

Hats off to all of the bloggers out there gettin' down and dirty with their "Things I'm Afraid To Tell You" posts.

If you're not familiar with the movement, a number of bloggers are writing about their real lives (cue "The Real World" opening montage), and taking down the chevron curtain to reveal some of the meat and potatoes about the person behind the blog.

I think it's awesome. I believe that just because you post a picture doesn't mean you live the picture. Life is way more complicated than that. So I say... Bravo, Ladies. Bravo!

To read about this, check out this post from Mimi+Meg.


About Last Weekend said...

I totally agree that not every pic you post encapsulates everything about you.

Style Maniac said...

What a cool movement. I admire these women for their honesty in sharing. When you don't necessarily write that type of story for your site it can be a very hard thing to share.

Will you be participating?

Prippy Handbook said...

Hello Ladies -

I really liked reading everyone's posts... it was eye opening.

As for my here at the P.H., I think this blog is pretty straightforward. Not sure what I would put out there that isn't out there already with this blog. But... if I think of something I will most certainly share!