Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NYC Ladies Dinner... I Need Your Recs

Hey NYC people! I'd love to hear your recs for favorite dinner spots with your ladies.

I'm heading up to the city next week to meet up with my best girls (including my mom) for a little wedding dress shopping (my fave Brit designer may be having a trunk show!), and I'd love to have a fun and fabulous spot for dinner after we shop. So far, we've got Cienfuegos and Beauty & Essex on the list on contenders.

While I'm pretty solid with my restaurant knowledge in the city, I haven't kept up with the new spots as much as I wish I could. So, whether it has been around forever... or is brand spanking new... I'd love to hear your fave spot for a special girl's night dinner! And if push comes to shove, we always will have Gray's.


Deanna (Silly Goose Farm) said...

I wish I was more familiar with NYC. As much as I love the city, I'm eqi-distance to NYC and Boston, and when I feel the itch to become a city-mouse for a few days, I tend to choose Boston.

Sounds like an amazing time, no matter where you go! Have a blast and good luck wedding dress shopping (I am SO GLAD I never have to do that again!!).

Frau S said...

Neither are trendy or anything but the food is AHmazing: Prune and Union Square Cafe.

Prippy Handbook said...

I'm going to be a woman on a mission! I know the exact dress, have seen it before in person, and am just thrilled to have a fun wedding moment of showing my peeps the dress I love.

Boston is awesome, by the way. I'm headed there in May for a wedding and would love to know your fave spots.

Hope you're thawing out up there! xo

KSB said...

I'm really out of practice with NYC restaurants, but I second the recommendation for Prune! Have so much fun. It sounds like an incredible trip!

Prippy Handbook said...

Prune looks AMAZING! How have I not heard of this place before? So glad you guys clued me in!

Style Maniac said...

TG, I was going to ask you a similar question for my niece's 16th birthday dinner in NYC this summer! More about that later.

In recent years, my best meals in Manhattan have been at Dell Anima in the West Village--sophisticated yet cozy bistro atmosphere and incredible food from former Babbo employees (at non-Babbo prices.)

Also, if you need to eat in the Times Square area there's a wonderful, completely un-touristy Italian spot called Gallo Nero. Rustic brick walls, French doors, shelves of wines, great food and fantastic service. (When the friends we were meeting for dinner ran late, the waiter just smiled and said--"Not to worry, the table is yours for the evening." And it just got better from there.)

Beth said...

Have fun in NYC!!! Ever been to the The Red Cat? I think you'd love the decor and the carrot cake is to die for. xoxo

Prippy Handbook said...

This is so much fun! I love hearing all of your recs - thank you!

Doreen - I definitely have some spots to share. We will have to chat!

Navy Bean said...

Sooo much fun! If you have a free minute (although it doesn't sound like you will!) call me, I'd love to grab a coffee! My recs: DBGB, Stanton Social, Kitty Chai, Buddakan. Not the most recent trendy places but all really good standards. Also, if you're looking for a fabulous place to get drinks you must go to the Cooper Square Hotel bar on the 2nd floor. Go to the right after you get off the elevators and there is a private-ish glass area. It's like having drinks in your own uber trendy living room!! An absolute must.

Prippy Handbook said...

Janis - I checked out DBGB last time I was in town upon your rec and LOVED it!

And yes to coffee :) It will be awesome to catch up.

I'm excited to check out these spots tomorrow online... and before I forget, my Mom and I are staying at Gild Hall... another one of your recs from a LONG time ago!