Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Video Magic...

Music videos seem as outdated as Sega Genesis (bring back Sonic the Hedgehog!), but when Cee-Lo Green, of Gnarls Barkley fame, decided to cover the brilliant Band of Horses haunting tune "No One's Gonna Love You," I couldn't wait to check it out.

This video beautifully and completely plays out that moment we've all probably been through in the wrong relationship... when we know its over and the highs of love are long gone. Seriously, I could watch this video as a full feature film any day!

Let me know what you guys think... do you relate?

1 comment:

Sas said...

Is it too much to ask to find love like that? Even if it ends that way ... finding all consuming love like that is one of the few things I want to find before I die.