Friday, August 13, 2010

Prippy Dreaming... Tacheles

Did you guys read the NYT article about the artist community, Tacheles, that exists in an abandoned Berlin department store?

Absolutely fascinating.

Add to my Dream Trips list checking out the art scene in Berlin... hopefully the artists will still be in this amazing space. Clearly, they're what makes it so special!


Giulia said...

I saw it & I have been. No matter what happens on site, I find it difficult to believe that Berlin will go the way of Bonn. It's a fight right now, no doubt about it. The Germans are always of two minds about Berlin & the avant-garde (or even semi-avant-garde).

Anonymous said...

i have been as well and it is amazing... you really need to see it day and night, doesn't look like the same place. i hope they keep it because i would hate to see it torn down.