Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Dream Dress...

No... I'm not getting married just yet... But I did see this dress and think "Wow, that would make one hell of a wedding dress!" I think it may even be my dream dress.

I would wear just about anything out of Chris Benz's resort collection, you know, to a party... a wedding... the grocery store... clearly I could go on and on!

Oh, and I love the Babe Paley-esque hair


Navy Bean said...


Abby said...

That would be a fun wedding dress. Don't worry, I won't steal that idea;)

Love the coordinating bracelets. I've been getting into yellow lately although more on the accessory side. Not sure I can pull off a total yellow look.

Prippy Handbook said...

Abby - You are going to make such a gorgeous bride! I'm still looking forward to popping some champagne with you guys very soon.

As for the yellow, I'm a woman obsessed!