Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Delicious, Delicious... Mast Brothers Chocolate

Mast Brothers Fleur de Sel is one of the most delicious chocolate creations of all times. I love dark chocolate, and the salt pushes this over the edge of heavenly.

The handmade goodness is top-to-bottom with this bar... including the gorgeous wrapping.

Nom Nom


Giulia said...

Are you trying to kill me, Prippy? I'm just teasing...I saw chocolate through the googlyreader & had to see what the devil you're up to. I can't eat added sugar right now (medically). On special occasions, I will have a bit of the sugar-free Vosges Barcelona bar.

And here come thunder storms. I've had so many power outages that if you hear shrieking from 16th Street, north vicinity--that would be me.

ciao, bella.

Starfish & Sundresses said...

Ohh I've never tried this but I'm already sold on the wrapping! I'm a marketer's dream right? xx

Prippy Handbook said...

Their factory and shop in Brooklyn are completely worth a visit... but here's the best news for us DC gals - you can also pick them up at Cheesetique in Del Ray, VA.

Krissy Engle said...

Chocolate and salt are soooooo good together! Cute packaging!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

gorgeous! it would make me feel like i am being less of a pig... and more of an appreciator of beauty. :)

Prippy Handbook said...

Aspiring Kennedy - I think that will be the new reasoning when purchasing!