Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Prippy Tripping... with Scrapple

Scrapple loves a good road trip... as do all Prippys!

In fact, we leave tomorrow night for my family's beach home on the Jersey Shore (not what you'd expect!).

But what Scrapple doesn't love is when he has to be relegated to his box. Sad Scrap!


Giulia said...

Oh he's so cute. Have a great time (I'm feeling envious). My family used to alternate between the Outer Banks & Beach Haven, LBI. Love it there...

Prippy Handbook said...


I need a little breaky poo from DC... so I'm extra looking forward to resting on the beach in Stone Harbor.

Sounds like your family knows how to spend a vacation!

hip hip gin gin said...

He is just the most adorable little pup! Our little terrier would pitch a holy fit if we put her in her crate in the car, but having her out on the seat makes me so worried she wouldn't be safe if we got in an accident. Maybe I'll make her wear a doggy seatbelt for a trip and then she'll see that the crate is not bad after all!

Prippy Handbook said...

They actually make doggy carseats as well as seatbelt dog thingys to keep them locked and loaded for your trip!

Scrapple prefers to travel in the front seat with the seatbelt laced through his harness, but he isn't as good at changing the music as my boyfriend ;)