Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Prippy Must-See... The Art of the Steal

Last night, my fantastic friend and I saw "The Art of the Steal" at the Corcoran Museum here in DC.

It's an amazing documentary about how Dr. Albert C. Barnes' vision for his personal art collection, one of the most amazing in the world, was completely destroyed by corruption and politics in my motherland of Philadelphia.

I definitely recommend you check it out!

The story is super fascinating... I remember the battle going down while I was living in Center City Philly during grad school. Unbelievable to see how things turned out (see it for yourself... I'm not ruining it!).

If only I could have met the amazing man himself, Dr. Barnes... maybe someday, in another world, I'll have my dream dinner party with Albert and Peggy Guggenheim seated next to Muhammad Ali and David Bowie.


Elisabeth Drabkin said...

If you're a Peggy Guggenheim fan, you might want to read Mistress of Modernism. Picked it up on a whim at a tiny bookstore in Georgetown. Pretty interesting read about an often-overlooked woman who heavily influenced 20th Century art.

Prippy Handbook said...

Oh my word, Elisabeth! Love Peggy! I will definitely check it out.

She is one of my faves. I did a post dedicated to her last year and owe her another. By far one of the interesting people in my book!

I think you'd find this documentary fascinating.

You're such a Prippy... love it.