Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Delicious, Delicious... People's Pops

It got hot in a hurry in DC, but thankfully the past 2 days have been a bit of a reprieve!

But even without the sweltering beat down thanks to old man humidity, I've had frozen deliciousness on the brain... especially in the form of People's Pops.

I was fortunate enough to stumble across their shop in Chelsea Market the last time I was in NYC, and had to try the Plum Tarragon Yogurt. Heavenly!

Their business is brilliant! I'm obsessed with just about ever damn aspect of it. The flavors are seasonal, creative, and super tasty. And their branding is genius, as is their blog.

Now if only I can convince them to have a DC stand... at Eastern Market perhaps... I'd be sublimely happy and cool all summer (well at least when I had one). I'd even man the stand!

Prippys for People's Pops!


Starfish and Sundresses said...

Ah! YES an Eastern Market stand is a must! I'll work it with you ha! xx

Prippy Handbook said...

Seriously... how amazing would a popsicle stand be at Eastern Market? I would LOVE it!

We should chat ;)