Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm a Four-Eyes...

After putting off the eye doctor for no good reason the past few years, I finally bit the bullet (because I couldn't see!) and went for a visit.

Turns out, I really needed a new pair of glasses... badly!

So off I went to find the perfect pair, and I was very happy to find them at See Eyewear. I totally recommend See, and they have shops in major cities across the country.

I opted for tortoise shell Italian frames that are very similar to the classics worn by Grace Kelly.

I love them (and promise a photo!), and have to admit that I watched The Girls With Glasses theme song with a smile on my face because I'm part of the club!


Emily said...

Welcome to the club my dear. My husband and I are 4 eyes as well and I have to say we look pretty awesome in our stylish frames. Can't wait to see a picture of what you chose. PS - good move on going to the eye doctor no one ever wants to but we are always glad we did :)

Prippy Handbook said...

HI Emily!

You're blog is so fantastic. I love Richmond - such a charming city with so much to offer. In fact, I need to pay a visit soon!

The Glasses Club is the best club in town.