Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Damn Hot...

It has been sweltering hot in DC... damn hot... real hot... and I'd love to hear some ideas for cooling off the dogs and the peeps!


Giulia said...

Well, first Mlle. Prippy - take those dogs out of the sun!

Seriously. When I didn't have a/c in DC from, oh, 1977 until 1991 (yes), I showered (getting long hair soaking wet, too), put on thin cotton nightgown, stand under shower again. Then dampen the cats & boyfriend's dog with cloth. We'd all lie in darkened room with fans on. Lots of books were read this way; no internet & I'm thinking that might have been a good thing.

Nowadays, the a/c is on, not too low, & then really good fan. Dampen Julie the Cat's fur with washcloth. She loves it. Then lies in front of fan on bare wood floor.

Repeat as needed. Along with ocean 'noise', etc from iPod. Um, cold soup. Anything cool or tepid. I used to work on archaeology digs in southern Med & Middle East. If you've not been yet, don't listen to the old "it's not the heat, ..." Yes, it is the heat. The humidity makes it worse, but 100 is hot. So is 120. That's the worst I've been in personally.

Stay cool. (Like those peacock earrings today.)


Prippy Handbook said...

Giulia, thanks for the tips!

I just placed a damp cloth on Scrapple and he is beyond happy.

Last summer, I went until the end of July without AC in my NYC apartment... fortunately it was close to the river and across the street from a park, allowing for a wonderful breeze. It was such a nice way to enjoy the quiet in the city.