Monday, July 26, 2010

Gotta Getaway... Charlottesville

You guys ever feel the need to just pack a bag and hit the road? I can only imagine we've all had that urge!

Well, last week I was itching to have a little road trip... so my friend, Liz, from Octavia & Brown (who also happens to be one of my BFF's since I was 5 years old!) came down from NYC and I booked a trip Friday morning for us to head to Charlottesville, Virginia.

After work, we hopped in my car and took off for the hills. Since we're both novice golfers looking to up our game, I turned the trip into a bit of a golf weekend, booking a "Stay and Play" package at the gorgeous and charming Boar's Head Inn.

The Boar's Head is the perfect place for a weekend away. Pools, great wine, delicious food, a spa... and AMAZING golf! Plus, the town of Charlottesville (home to the University of Virginia) is full of character.

We loved grabbing pitchers at Miller's, where Dave Matthew's used to play, while listening to a great Blue Grass band.

After spending a perfect weekend relaxing, we did some major antiquing on our way home. Got to say, we found incredible stuff (stay tuned for pics!).


Zaira Mabel said...

I'm not going to say anything nice because I'm just drop-dead jealous right now (hahaha ;P)

Style Maniac said...

When my parents were very young (and very poor) they splurged on a trip to a high-end resort in Charlottesville (I think it was the Boars Head Inn) and arrived with their clothes in paper shopping bags! My mom also had her hair in rollers and a kerchief. So funny because my mom is as maniacal about style as I am. Guess we all have our moments!

Octavia Brown said...

So much fun. I want to go back to the Boar's Head Inn already!

tash said...

Oh Fabulous! Just love all this pics! Well done!

xo tash