Monday, March 1, 2010

Zero Sum Game... The Bachelor

I've got this theory... it's the Zero Sum Game Theory of Dating.

Let me explain... when two AWFUL people date each other, they cancel one another out for the rest of the normal people out there who might have potentially had to date their brand of crazy.

In the case of tonight's "The Bachelor" finale, this is exactly what happened. Two cheesy self-indulgent morons found love, sparing the beautiful and nice woman to find the right man.

So on that note... BRAVO Vienna and Jake. You truly deserve each other. Tenley was WAY out of his league!


Me said...

I am watching it is like a train wreak- but thank God that Tenley got spared a life with that moron!

jozen said...

i know RIGHT?!?!?! i vomited a little when he chose vienna...

i got my knick knack today. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

so very thoughtful :)

Prippy Handbook said...

SO glad you enjoyed your Knick Knack! Loved the exchange!!! So nice to meet you through such a unique event.