Monday, March 1, 2010

Style and Substance... "Great Expectations"

One of my favorite movies in high school was the remake of "Great Expectations." Got to say... it's still on my list of favorites!

The shots of Estella (love the name) and Finn as kids were filmed near a vacation home we'd go to in Florida, and the scenes were even more magical as a result.

Estella's style has stayed with me from high school until the present day! My favorite was her green outfit in NYC, when she meets Finn at the foutain.

The art and snobbery and passion and loathing of love unfulfilled makes this movie a Prippy classic!

Oh... and the soundtrack is still completely amazing!


Elisabeth said...

Agreed - fantastic movie. Love the artist who did Finn's pieces.

Abby said...

Blast from the past! I agree that the soundtrack is amazing. I'm slightly embarrassed to say that I never read the classic book which I probably should.

Navy Bean said...

I'm adding this to my netflix as soon as I finish commenting! I love Gwyneth circa the late 90's. PS... how much do you love!

Me said...

I just requsted the book from the LOC!

Prippy Handbook said...

Oh my word, SO excited about this movie because I just watched it AGAIN last night!!! Ah... sigh... so goop... erh, I mean good!