Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Prippy Commuting... The Bus

With my new commute to work on K Street in DC... the most convenient mode of transportation happens to be the bus.

I think this change purse is perfect for my fare. At least it makes me smile (even if the bus doesn't) as I pull out my quarters!

How do you commute? Any fave ways to pass the time?


Allison said...

The bus sucks. When we return to the main office downtown, I'll be back on it. And while I think that change purse is totes adorbs, get yourself a SmartTrip card!

Prippy Handbook said...

Word Mole is helping... so is driving from time to time!

And yes to a SmartTrip! Wish we had the same bus route... that would definitely help.

Katherine said...

Haha love that little change purse - it's awesome :)

Jingger C said...

Cute purse! I ride the train and a jeepney when I can bring my car to work. =D