Monday, October 31, 2011

Dream Toys... Seriously

I would say that as a child I was a stuffed animal enthusiast (to put it mildly), and my Mom eventually enacted a ban to keep my plush posse from growing.

I was also a little artist, which caused me to destroy my first Cabbage Patch Kid when I tried to turn her into a bunny for Halloween. This incident occurred during the height of the Cabbage craze and I pretty much horrified my family who had gone to great lengths to get the dolls for me and my sister... and mine looked like a possessed cartoon devil child.

So, I tell you these 2 tales as background for my reaction to the brilliant company, A Child's Own, that turns children's drawings into stuffed animals.

This is pretty much the coolest thing in the whole world to me as an adult... so I can only imagine how stoked little noodles are when their dreams turn into a reality.

Love. This. Check out the Flickr photos of these dream toys here.


KSB said...

These are fantastic! Thank you for sharing.

annie said...

I've never heard of this, but why did it take someone so long? The idea is brilliant! I found you through the Zush...I had to see what Prippy the name and the meaning behind it. After moving my HS age daughter to the beach in SoCal from a preppy town just outside NYC, she has become a total prep and has her own blog called: This Little Preppy goes West. She will love your blog!


Prippy Handbook said...

You are very welcome, KSB... thank you for reading!

Annie - I absolutely cannot wait to check out your daughter's blog... it sounds right up my alley! I'm also absolutely thrilled to have won Amanda's gorgeous painting. She knows my sister from way back when (well over a decade!) and I've been a fan for years. SO crazy to have won. And so happy it led you to my blog!

Navy Bean said...

Such a cute idea!!