Monday, October 24, 2011

Pray for The Chelsea Hotel...

One of my fave places, the Chelsea Hotel, is going through some changes... some scary and sad changes. Say a prayer for this magnificent place.

I've long loved this hotel... the living history of artistic souls (old and new)... and I've closely followed the management changes and sale of the property over the years.

My stays there have filled me with so many crazy experiences. Naked people in the hallway... encounters with long-time residents... soaking in the paintings, the stairwells, the whole of the place. And now the future is uncertain as construction with the new owner is underway.

As a wedding gift, I recently received a photo of the Chelsea printed on gold leaf. A beautiful way to remember a magic place.

Have you stayed at The Chelsea? Hopefully the changes are a pleasant surprise.

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John said...

Thanks for the post and for sharing these pics!

Was wondering if you received my last e-mail about the post submission?