Thursday, April 14, 2011

Would You Like a JewelMint... Jewelry

Kate Bosworth + Cher (her super cool stylist) = Amazing Jewelry

JewelMint, their online jewelry collaboration, is fast becoming one of my favorite shopping spots.

After taking a short... and super fun... style quiz, amazing jewelry is picked for you.

I've gotta say, they were pretty spot on with the recs, and I was thrilled to get these amazing Rio Bravo earrings for under $20 bucks (new member discounts rock)!

What's not to love?


Chic Geek said...

love! thanks for sharing

Prippy Handbook said...

I just got the earrings, and the packaging is amazing! Really cool box, super velvety bag, and a sweet note. And the earrings are stunning.

I seriously am in love with this site and totally recommend it!

The Zhush said...

LOVE your new earrings...and that Kate Spade necklace too!:)

Prippy Handbook said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Seriously, cannot sing Mint's praises enough... definitely worth checking it out!