Monday, April 25, 2011

The "Lillys" Are Blooming...

One evening in college, I had a very preppy gentleman approach me at a bar while I was sporting a Lilly Pulitzer dress on the first warm spring night.

His line, you ask? "I see that the lilies are blooming."

I'm not sure I was able to hide my laughter at this ridiculous remark, but years later my friends and I still get a kick out of saying it to one another when we wear our Lilly.


Cat said...

Ha! What a pick-up line...I would not have been able to hid my laughter (but props to him for creativity AND for giving you and your girlies multiple laughs at the memory throughout the years :))

xx Cat brideblu

Love your blog! Following!

Prippy Handbook said...

Glad you found humor in it, too! It was a definite classic.

LOVE your blog, too! So happy to connect and thanks for following :)

xo TG

Elle said...

I love this post! Hysterical! Great blog. Please keep it up - I so enjoy your posts.