Thursday, January 27, 2011

Prippy of Influence... Florence Broadhurst

Fantastic patterns with bold colors are the flame to a Prippy's moth... seriously! So clearly, Florence Broadhurst's brilliant work is a an endless source of inspiration for us, Prips... not to mention the fact that she led an incredibly fascinating life.

Florence was born in Australia, but moved to Shanghai to become a singer in the early 1920's. Her career is said to be marked with a heavily embellished resume to get her where she wanted to go... which was eventually to London, where she was a dressmaker.

Her love life was always there... as were the suitors. And she settled back in Australia, where she founded her wallpaper business in 1959.

Tragically, Florence was murdered in a very mysterious case before her time. Her work lives on, and her life is incredibly fascinating.

Check out the books of her work and life... I promise you won't be disappointed!

And a special thank to Happy Menocal for reminding me how amazing Florence's work (and life) have been.


Anonymous said...

have you seen the amazing rugs based on her designs?



Prippy Handbook said...

Mark, thank you so much for sharing these with me.

The burgundy and cream Horses Stampede is has now been added to my wish list. It is stunning!

Navy Bean said...

Fascinating... I will have to read up on her!

Style Maniac said...

Thank you for introducing me to this incredible woman--and book. An entire section of my Amazon Wish List could now be labeled "Prippy Handbook Picks."

{Thanks also for you sweet comment on my blog yesterday. So lovely of you.}