Thursday, December 9, 2010

Prippy Gift Guide... Cleanly Shaven

Nothing like a straight razor shave for the Prippy man in you life.

I personally love all things Freemans, so for my beau, a stop in their Horatio Street F.S.C. Barber Shop is a must on our next visit to NYC.

Plus, I'll leave a little D.R. Harris Bay Rum aftershave in his stocking as a hint that a nice shave is on the way... compliments of Santa.


Deanna (Silly Goose Farm) said...

I had the idea (a little too late) to make some shaving soap dishes for the men in my life for Christmas in the pottery studio. Maybe I'll make them now and dole them out next year.

Remind me to tell you sometime about my father's long-time barber, Mario. Hilarious.

About Last Weekend said...

Look at the white with the brown leather on those chairs - gorgeous. Does the aftershave smell like Rum?

Prippy Handbook said...

I know... both of their barber shops are incredible visually, not to mention the amazing skill of their barbers.

The aftershave has a hint of rum mixed with manliness. Definitely a classic!