Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Prippy Gift Guide... Cashmere Snuggie

Okay... so clearly the Snuggies brand hasn't delved into cashmere, but TSE makes for a much more sophisticated look while still enveloping yourself in the worlds best material!

With it feeling like less than zero outside, I'd love to find a stylish way to warm up (or really... who am I kidding... any way to warm up!).


Style Maniac said...

okay, true confession: my nieces gave me a Snuggie for my birthday and I must admit it is delightfully cozy and warm ... if not nearly as chic as your picks here.

Prippy Handbook said...

A Snuggie given with love sounds like an amazing gift!

Octavia Brown said...

I really don't like the whole Snuggie phenomenon in general, but I love these! They look so chic and cozy. Definitely going to be on my wishlist for the Holidays.