Monday, December 6, 2010

Prippy Gift Guide... Boardwalk Empire

Okay... so this gift might be more for Valentine's Day, or whenever the HBO powers that be decide to release the DVD of Season 1.. but Boardwalk Empire is definitely worth giving to someone when it comes out!

Did you all watch it?

The Season 1 finale was last night, and it left me wanting so much more! I fell in love with the first episode and the entire season didn't disappoint.

Having grown up spending my summers about 45 minutes south of Atlantic City, the series has been an amazing fictionalized peak into the boom days of "AC."

When I lived alone, I always skimped on cable and just went with whichever stations came in through my rabbit ears... but I gotta say, watching Boardwalk Empire made me feel like I got exactly what I paid for... amazing television (if you can even call it that!).

Seriously, this show is visually stunning, completely enthralling, and beyond well acted. When it comes out on DVD, snatch it up!

UPDATE: It is already out on DVD!


Deanna (Silly Goose Farm) said...

I've heard so much about it, but I haven't seen it yet. I need to! Much of my masters thesis was based around AC and that particular time period. I could write it off as reseach for when I turn my thesis into a book! Which gets me thinking... maybe we should have a killer girls' weekend in AC sometime?

LPC said...

I didn't watch it, but I recorded it. The last few days I've watched all the episodes in a marathon. I've liked it a lot. But I wonder, do you think Buscemi can really carry off the leading man role?

Prippy Handbook said...

Deanna - I would LOVE to hear all about you thesis... sound so fascinating! You will love the show and YES to a AC girls weekend. We should do a blogger retreat there.

LPC - Buscemi is really outshined by Jimmy's character played by Michael Pitt, in my book. But I think he fits the bill for Nucky's character... a seemingly wimpy man in so many respects who just plays puppeteer!

The colors used with the sets and clothing make me drool. As I start with early wedding planning, the color combinations on the show have been great inspiration.