Monday, June 27, 2011

Prippy Dream House... 190 Bowery

Check out this amazing, inspiring, and mind blowing house featured in NY Magazine... the awesomeness is overwhelming!

Do you think the family living there would notice if I moved into one of the 72 rooms?

I've read the article 3 times now, and I'm still captivated. I love you, NY Mag!

The incredible changes to the Bowery neighborhood make this story even more unbelievable. This "house" is now surrounded by some of NYC's best shops and restaurants.

Can you imagine?!? Talk about a good investment!

The rad photos and fabulous article can all be found here. Enjoy!


KSB said...

What a great place! In this vein, I looked at an apartment in Society Hill today that was the perfect mix of antiques and modern touches. It was fully-furnished (not what I'm after), but I got so many ideas from the owner - he recovered an antique chippendale chair with two different fabrics on the seat and back, had a modern desk against a wall of vintage books, etc. Love!

Prippy Handbook said...

LOVE Society HIll and that place sounds amazing. I love it when I can draw inspiration from someone's home. Such a great feeling.

Philly is such an amazing city, especially with all of the character in the distinct neighborhoods. Would love to know where you end up!

Navy Bean said...

This was a fantastic article! Thanks for sharing!

Glitterista said...

Wow wow wow! Can you imagine 35,000 square feet?! I am immediately sharing this story.

I have a friend whose family bought a building in Chicago in a neighborhood that 30 years ago wasn't anything special. Now we all adore visiting her as she is mere steps away from fab shopping and restaurants. Here's hoping someday we'll both be so fabulously fortunate in life. ;)