Monday, September 26, 2011

Love Letter... India Hicks Jewelry

Since getting engaged (10 months ago... crazy!), I've had a bit of a thing with my soon-to-be new last name.

While I love the monogram necklace, I think that my new last name initial is plenty to put around my neck. And I couldn't think of a more perfect necklace than India Hicks' Love Letters.

Since I'll be honeymooning on the island where she lives, I plan to stop by her shop, The Sugar Mill, to see if they have a "D" for me.


Bourbon&Pearls said...

I'm so envious, I loathe my husband's name and kept my own, but now the I am 47 I would love to be MRS SOMEONE- but if i add Mrs to my name then I'm my mum, sigh.

Bourbon&Pearls said...

Oh and I love Harbour island!