Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Prippy of Influence... Liz Lambert

The story of a lawyer leaving the big NYC firm for a completely new career is something my law school graduate dreams are made of! Especially when that story involves a labor of love that brings a deteriorating hotel back to spectacular life.

Call it the Prippy Dream... and Liz Lambert is living it. After leaving the dog days of lawyerdom in NYC and Austin, Liz had one of those magical moments where a dream was born.

The dream involved an incredibly run-down hotel populated by exactly the kind of people you'd suspect to be living in a place with rooms for rent by the hour. But what Liz saw was an amazing opportunity that would eventually become Hotel San Jose.

Her hotels, operated by her Bunkhouse Management, exude cool... and I fantasize about hanging out with a cocktail at each eclectic spot someday.

I highly recommend reading this interview with Liz from the great blog Seeds and Fruit... it is super inspiring and I feel like a more hip version of myself just reading it!

Liz... if you ever read this... let's grab a beer! Hell, I'll fly to Texas for it!

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Deanna (Silly Goose Farm) said...

Awesome! I bookmarked the article in my "to-read" folder, and also dream about owning (or at least fixing up) a hotel someday. Dave and I recently found an old motel on a Hudson Valley excursion, so tempting! Let me know when you are flying to meet Liz, I'll meet ya there :-)